»... Steven Bolarinwa's personality combines ideally his artistic abilities in violin and composition with his pedagogical skill...«

Prof. Kay Westermann (composer)


»... With his good and fine musical ear, Steven made a valuable contribution at all stages of the work of the Studio, and his knowledge and skills were of great help to this recording studio... «

Christian »Zippy« Königseder (songwriter und producer, u.a. co-author of Lou Bega's »A Little BIt of Mambo«)


»... Steven Bolarinwa... [a] personality, which knows absolutely how to convince as regards content

and technically... where particularly that beneficial optimism that basically emanates from him, is worth mentioning... «

Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider (composer)


»... including remarkable talents like Steven Bolarinwa [...] a specialist for scoring breathless chases.«

Stephan Schwarz (Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 2006)






Feedback from students, pupils and course participants: see guestbook



»… On top of it all, through his own artistic competence and his enthusiasm, Mr. Bolarinwa stimulates and motivates participants to gear up for their own creative activities… Being an open, creative artist, as well as a superb teacher in personal union, Mr. Bolarinwa is a gain for every cultural and educational institution!«

Annette Held (Manager Orchestra of the Theater of Krefeld und Mönchengladbach)


»… His teaching style is sensitive and circumspect - analyzing the target audience and the content and always structured. Always masterly combining theory and practice; and thus establishing the most important practical artistic fundament for our students…«

Prof. Vera Sander (University of music and dance Cologne, centre of contemporary dance)


»… The workshop participants, as well as all interested colleagues, who took the opportunity to visit the workshop, were highly enthusiastic. This enthusiasm electrifyed the audience as well as the press, the following evening, at the public presentation of the workshop results…«

Michael Kobold (Direktor, Rheinische Musikschule Cologne)


»… He has a high media- and professional competence and the necessary practical experience, which enables one at all times to experience relevant issues well structured in theory and practice…«

Dr. Reinhard Gagel und Gitta Martens (Academy for musical education and media education Remscheid)


»… For our school Mr. Bolarinwa has developed and realized the conception of teaching in the field of educational musical-creative design… We thank Mr. Bolarinwa for the important impulses [...] which he brought in, with his work at the vocational college in Erkelenz…«

Paul-Günther Threin (Director vocational college Erkelenz)






»... extraordinary talent... outstanding love for live and delight in playing ... Above all a young violinist who swings and for whom improvisation is tailor-made! And not to forget: though by not frequent enough occasions, it is always a pleasure to make music with him now and again...«

Joerg Widmoser (Jazz-violinist and primarius of the Modern String Quartet)


»I got to know Steven Bolarinwa as an artistically flexible musician, with his own ensembles, successfully operating in the big band led by Bill Dobbins, as well as in the classical field ... He introduces his compositional talent in the jazz- as well as in the pop-area...«

Michael Gustorff (Jazz-violinist)


»...his talent with regards to sound, improvisation and phrasing struck me instantly...«

Hajo Hoffmann (Jazz-violinist)

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